Kokomo The Chimpanzee

All Creatures

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Say 'hello' to the cheekiest chimp... often found swinging from the trees or getting into mischief. This cute chimpanzee is part of the All Creatures Collection of safari animals. All Creatures take care in designing their animals, so each is unique and special and brought to life through their individual names and quirky characters. Every toy is hand finished, filled with hundreds of squishy beans and made from brilliant quality, beautifully soft materials. 


All Creatures animals are the perfect mix between nature and cuddly cuteness. Kokomo the chimpanzee comes with his own fun and interesting 'Did you know?' fact so you can get to know your new cuddly friend even better at home. 


Kokomo the Chimpanzee is available as a small keyring / bag charm (15cm), a medium sized toy (20cm) and a large soft toy (25cm). 


Great for tiny hands too, Kokomo the Chimpanzee medium and large soft toys are baby safe. 

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